Our Mission

To use my staging insight to offer strategic staging and organizing solutions for downsizing, uncluttering, updating and/or selling your home.

From our first unfurnished apartment presenting a warm and appealing  home was more than an interest. Later, our first house and subsequent homes served to stimulate/escalate that interest and fascination to a passion. Complements from family, friends and neighbors led to many of them seeking my opinion on colors, textures, fabrics and furnishings–mix in training, certifications and credentials, and I was ready to offer my staging insight on a professional level.

STAGING INSIGHT is dedicated to providing staging services for those preparing to sell their home as well as re-design services for those who are focused on updating, personalizing, and remodeling with the intent to stay.

  • Preparing your home to sell can be stressful.
  • Redesign and improvements in décor can be just as challenging.
  • STAGING INSIGHT offers solutions to improve your chance of a quicker and more profitable sale.
  • Let Staging Insight create the WOW factor to make your home stand apart from the competition

Call 502.593.3532 or E-mail me for a consultation.

We can offer suggestions/ideas to refresh and/or redesign your home for a creative presentation.

Stage it!   Show it!   Sell it!